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The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) continuously undertakes planning efforts designed to meet passenger and facility demand well into the 21st Century. The recent Master Plan Update study has identified numerous facility upgrades that may be required to maintain the Port Columbus International Airport’s (CMH) ability to meet and exceed requirements and expectations.

The Master Plan Update study identified the need to evaluate the possibility of either expanding the existing passenger terminal or developing a new expanded terminal complex. Through the process of evaluating terminal options conducted between 2002 and 2004, the relocation of existing Runway 10R/28L was identified as an alternative which may provide both potential capacity enhancements and additional space for terminal development. The CRAA commenced two studies to evaluate this potential relocation. The first was the Airfield Planning Report Associated with Replacement of Runway 10R/28L at Port Columbus International Airport, which determined the optimum location and length of the relocated runway. The CRAA also undertook an Environmental Overview Associated with Replacement of Runway 10R/28L at Port Columbus International Airport (EO) with the purpose of evaluating the potential impacts of the proposed runway locations in order to determine the level of environmental processing that would be required through NEPA. That document found that significant noise impacts are likely to result from the relocation of Runway 10R/28L. Therefore, the EO recommended that an EIS be prepared to evaluate the potential environmental impacts. The FAA has reviewed the planning and environmental studies and has determined that an EIS will be required based on the anticipated impacts.