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The FAA has recently indicated that the Master Plan and EIS will continue to move forward. As a result of the updates to the Airport Layout Plan, the schedule for the Environmental Impact Statement Study has changed. Public information workshops showing the revised Airport Layout Plan and updated Master Plan are now being planned for mid 2005 with anticipated completion of the EIS in late 2006.

The findings of the Updated Master Plan continue to demonstrate the need for immediate- and longer-range increased runway capacity, therefore planning will continue. The City of Dayton does not propose to build capacity enhancements unless they are justified.

Based on historical records and the future cargo industry forecasts, there should always be a major cargo presence at Dayton International Airport. There is compelling justification to move forward with the Master Plan and Environmental Impact Statement process in anticipation that a replacement cargo operator(s) will be in operation at the Airport in the near future. Implementation of the proposed Master Plan projects will continue to move forward in anticipation that this will occur and that the cargo demand will return to its current and projected levels. It should also be remembered that the passenger traffic continues to grow at higher levels than the national average, and that these proposed projects are needed to accommodateexisting and future demand levels.