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Final Part 150 Study


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CVG Letter to FAA (79 KB)
Signed Certification Letter (35 KB)

NEM Check List (83 KB)

NCP Check List (67 KB)

NEM-1, Existing (2006) Noise Exposure Map (3,037 KB)

NEM-2, Future (2011) Noise Exposure Map (3,038 KB)

Table of Contents (53 KB)
Chapter One – Background (4,913 KB)

Chapter Two – Affected Environment (16,254 KB)

Chapter Three – Baseline Noise Exposure (9,171 KB)

Chapter Four – Recommended Noise Compatibility Program Measures (33,907 KB)

Appendix A Glossary (72 KB)

Appendix B FAA Policies, Guidance, and Regulations (126 KB)

Appendix C Airspace Procedures (2,034 KB)

Appendix D Noise Modeling Methodology (34,463 KB)

Appendix E Land Use Methodology (9,020 KB)

Appendix F Noise Abatement Alternatives – Re-Evaluated Altenatives for 2006 (9,482 KB)

Appendix G Land Use Alternatives (14,994 KB)

Appendix H Implementation Alternatives (79 KB)

Appendix I Planning Advisory Committee (50,786 KB)

Appendix J Public Information Workshops (37 KB)

Appendix K Public Hearing Workshops (6,771 KB)

Appendix L Noise Modeling Methodology (Prior to 2006) (29,629 KB)

Appendix M Noise Abatement Alternatives (Prior to 2006) (29,493 KB)

NEM Acceptance (53 KB)
FAA Record of Approval (947 KB)



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