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Part 150 Study and Master Plan Update


The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) remains one of the fastest-growing airports in the world; a fact that provides many benefits to the community, as well as many challenges. Throughout the past 10 years, despite the rapid growth, CVG has continually been recognized for its efficient operation and high level of customer service. The foundation of this success has been good planning.


In an effort to maintain the Airport's leadership in customer service and operational efficiency, while striving to continually improve compatible land use and partnerships with the surrounding communities, the Kenton County Airport Board has completed a new Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study (Part 150) and Master Plan Update for CVG.


The goal of the Part 150 is the development of a balanced and cost-effective plan to reduce current noise impacts from an airport's operations, where practical, and to limit additional impacts in the future. An Airport Master Plan provides a road map for efficiently meeting aviation demand through the foreseeable future while preserving the flexibility necessary to respond to changing industry conditions. At this website you will find the latest information on both studies.



Airport holds sixth PAC Meeting...

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