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The FAA recommends that a Master Plan be completed or updated approximately every five years or when an airport experiences unexpected, rapid growth in activity. The base year of CVG's most recent Master Plan was 1991. Since 1991, the airport has been one of the most dynamic and fastest growing airports in the nation. The industry has swung from the depths of record-breaking losses (in the early 1990s), through the peak of record-breaking earnings in the middle of the decade; to the turmoil and uncertainty of the post-9/11 environment we face today. However, during this time, CVG and the KCAB flourished as Delta made the airport one of its two most important hubs, and continued to add service as Delta acquired Comair and became home to the world's first custom Regional Jet (RJ) hub. Even today, as most airports struggle to regain the traffic lost since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, CVG exceeds the peak operations levels experienced prior to that day and the Comair strike earlier in 2001. To keep pace with the growth and needs of the Airport and its users the KCAB is preparing a Master Plan Update. A sound plan will allow them to continue to make smart decisions.


There have been significant changes at CVG and within the industry that have occurred since the last Airport Master Plan which also support the need for an updated Master Plan, these include:


  • Major Growth and Development in the Region
    • Regional population is expected to increase by 20 percent during the study period (2003-2025)
    • Boone County had the most new housing building permits in Northern Kentucky in 2003
  • Aircraft Operations Continue to Increase
    • Aircraft operations have increased at an average of 5 percent per year (1991-2002)
    • Regional jet activity has also increased significantly
  • Heightened Security Requirements
  • Industry Trend to Consolidate Airport Hubs
    • Formation of airline alliances
    • Focus on airport financial viability
  • Relocation of DHL Airways to Wilmington, Ohio

In addition to these changes, there are a host of other planning and development issues which also face the airport and will be addressed by the Master Plan Update, these include:


Air Traffic Control Technology

Airport Vision

ASR Relocation

Balance Airside/Landside Capacity

Cargo Development

Commercial Development

Customer Service

Deicing/Snow Melting

FedEx Distribution Center

Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE)

Multimodal Issues

New Large Aircraft (A-380)

Off-Site Passenger Check-In

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Taxiways

Roadway Access

Runway Construction

Second (2 nd ) Control Tower

Security Threat Assessment

Taxiway Improvements


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