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On May 9, 2006, the sixth meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) was held. Approximately 30 PAC members attended this meeting. The presentation and discussion included a review of the:


Master Plan

  • Goals & Objectives

  • Updated Aviation Forecast

  • Recommended Future Development

  • - Short Term (2006-2015)

    - Long Term (2016-2025)

    - Beyond 2025

  • Capital Plan Timeline

Part 150 Study

  • Recommended Preliminary Noise Compatibility Program

  • Current Status of the Part 150 Process

  • Next Steps

  • - Review Existing Baseline Noise Contour

    - Revise Aviation Forecast

    - Prepare 2011 Future Baseline Noise Contour

This was the last PAC meeting for the Master Plan Update study. One additional PAC Meeting will be convened for the Part 150 Study later this year to review the proposed recommendations of the Noise Compatibility Program. To view a copy of the PAC Invitee List, PAC Meeting #6 Agenda, and PAC Meeting #6 Presentation materials please click here.